The page really needs an update…

…Unfortunately not today, but at sometime! :)

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Two months so far…


so far so good! I am working at IBM for a little bit more than two month now and I have the feeling that it was the right choice for myself.

I already worked in three completely different projects, dealing with social plattforms, mobile solutions and distributed networks. With the help of my colleagues I was quickly able to integrate myself into the company but of course the IBM too big, that you could understand anything in a couple of months!

I really like the variety and individuality of my colleagues, projects and workplaces, which offer me the opportunity to easily network all around the globe.

It is my choice where my carrer is leading to, but I guess with IBM I have a great partner to make it happen!

Cheers to everyone!

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Getting started: Working at IBM

Hey there,

after four month of several applications, interviews and assessments I decided to start my professional future at IBM Deutschland GmbH as an IT Architect in matters of mobile and application solutions.

I will still use this portfolio to present my private as well as my professional activities and achievements.

For more information, feel free to ask.


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New Video: Revelstoke Dec ’11


There is a new short compilation of our snowboardtrip to Revelstoke, Canada last winter. Check it out on the Media-Page!

Have a good one!



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Invisible Updates


just updated some things on my webspace. So if anything doesn’t work properly, please give me a hint.

Thanks for your help!

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Some small updates


Just made some small updates on several categories, like for example the definition of my current personal focus concerning possible job opportunities.

Have a look at it: About Me

Cheers, Nico

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Masterthesis – Abstract online

Hey there,

I recently added the abstract of my Masterthesis to the Work page.

If you want to read more of it, feel free to contact me.


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Master of Science


I just finished my studies at Cologne University of Applied Science and achieved my master’s degree. So now, my official and actual academic title is labeled:

M. Sc. Media Informatics

In fact, I am ready to start working now! ;)

Greetz, Nico

P.S. I made some updates on my About me page

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Update 07/30/12


Just made some updates on media and work pages.

Have a look at my latest scientific paper called “Abrengzung von Illusion zu Immersion in virtuellen Welten” and a short footage of my wakeboarding experience and feel free to comment.

Best wishes


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Hey there!

Welcome to my Page! My name is Nico Foerster and with this Website I would like to introduce myself and my work.

Please have a look at the different categories shown above and I would appreciate if you leave me a comment.

For further information please feel free to contact me.

Best regards


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